05/28/2017 13:01
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Anime2thepeople 05/30/2017 19:34
O/////O Ya I guess so.
Squgglez 05/28/2017 13:53
Anime2thepeople, The people who beg for GP usually have stupid picture, and they ask for GP to be funny. But you asking for GP makes you look greedy
Anime2thepeople 05/28/2017 13:26
Also, sure, I will! Do you know how many beggers have been GPed?
Anime2thepeople 05/28/2017 13:14
Then again, I don't actually care what you think, it doesn't make you right. You may have been right in saying it, because you had no ill will toward me, but I do not believe you are right.
Anime2thepeople 05/28/2017 13:11
Babbage, I bet you didn't even click it. It was so well shaded that the thumbnail could not correctly identify colors.
Babbage 05/28/2017 13:04
not gp worthy
also begging for gp wont get you in gp