10/17/2019 17:47
Me, sobbign into my pillow: I just wanted like, do stupid things in the 2000s net and eat brownies
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Grimmm 10/18/2019 13:08
J_M_, youre under the flawed perception that life is fair. Capitalism is flawed since its based on a partial principle of luck. You assume that hard work is the only factor that just so happens to get you rich, but the fact is that the poor are greatly skilled workers and are still being exploited. I dont think socialism or communism is the answer either because they're ALSO deeply flawed systems, but i still have space to criticize capitalism.
J_M_ 10/17/2019 23:27
Grimmm, ah, but Capitalism also allows for the poor to become richer with hard work, because the better your work is, the more you'll gain from it.
And socialism fails because certain things become mismanaged easier, and quality of items go down because quality no longer will gain yourself more monetary value, and can eventually cause the economy to crash
Grimmm 10/17/2019 18:10
J_M_, Capitalism is fundimentally built on exploiting the poor and large companies owned by the rich are causing the death of the planet.
J_M_ 10/17/2019 18:06
Why kill them?