boo 2 a slightly fixed version

04/08/2020 20:18
I hope I'm not doing anything illegal by fixing like 2 things that bothered me. If the mods could do me a solid and delete the other one that would be great...otherwise this is just embarrassing honestly............ and sad for that one dude who gave a medal...................


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sashabraus101 04/27/2020 16:11
This is really cool!
actiasluna 04/13/2020 09:26
MelodicMeloetta, It's aight, Abby can take care of them even when you don't want her to (especially when you don't want her to)
MelodicMeloetta 04/12/2020 01:23
its all fun and games til webber accidentally builds a spider nest near the base
-Ghosted- 04/10/2020 21:05
Is THis FrOM DoNT StArVe ToGethER
PuppyLove20 04/10/2020 10:04
This is awesome!!!
actiasluna 04/10/2020 09:35
Hi everyone please stop being so cool <3
LotsaGiraffes 04/09/2020 20:48
this is awesome!
ImmaJerk 04/09/2020 17:35
Pretty great game, i do say so myself, thats what im talking about. Mhmhm good shit, thats some good shit
Block_Rain 04/09/2020 15:30
Squibby, true :c
Stardust6717 04/09/2020 15:08
Raine_Rain, bro don't starve is such a fun game doe