Otome Dissection

01/26/2019 15:07
This'll be the last lazy anim I do for a while. Next one will have proper action (probably Neru lol) but maaaan has Deco*27's new song been stuck in my head and jeeeez do I love Will Stetson's singing ability. (also I've forgotten how to draw skulls T^T time to relearn) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLWRLgGLWJg
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Lunar-artist 02/01/2019 09:04
Love your animation!! Hard to believe this is you bing so called lasy... also love the song!
58kitty 01/27/2019 17:44
how do you add the music i dont understand
Vizzie 01/27/2019 13:19
sub to pewds
Lazarinne 01/27/2019 02:37
Kotsuko, ♡
Lazarinne 01/27/2019 02:37
Kotsuko 01/26/2019 22:23
SlenderLicky 01/26/2019 21:39
Lazarinne, just thought i should point that out XD
SlenderLicky 01/26/2019 21:39
Lazarinne, youre missing the boob bone.
WolfHats 01/26/2019 19:53
SpiritWolfie 01/26/2019 16:08
Lazarinne, o3o
Kind bean