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07/27/2019 00:44
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canadian-leaf205 07/27/2019 01:15
Wing_of_fire, same applies to that too tho e
Wing_of_fire 07/27/2019 01:13
canadian-leaf205, i draw animals!
humans are hard af to draw
canadian-leaf205 07/27/2019 01:13
Wing_of_fire, yeah I know how that feels its hard for me to make female characters too but that dosnt depend on what gender you are it depends on how much you practice drawing girls or bois.
Wing_of_fire 07/27/2019 01:06
canadian-leaf205, It's just, its hard to make some thing look feminine, but not make it too stereo typical
canadian-leaf205 07/27/2019 00:57
Wing_of_fire, thats normal. A lot of gorls do that
Wing_of_fire 07/27/2019 00:56
canadian-leaf205, yep, even though i am a girl, i only have like 1 or 2 female Oc's atm, and i don't use any of them
R-O-B_The_Robot 07/27/2019 00:55
R-O-B_The_Robot, ded meme
R-O-B_The_Robot 07/27/2019 00:55
canadian-leaf205 07/27/2019 00:55
R-O-B_The_Robot 07/27/2019 00:54
Wing_of_fire, boyEes