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03/10/2019 21:01
so I'll try tto translate its terms
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CATinunder16 03/10/2019 21:47
Yu-Ming, "9" !0
J_M_ 03/10/2019 21:36
Yu-Ming, Idk
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:30
TheRealAaronBurr, LeBron James
TheRealAaronBurr 03/10/2019 21:28
lebrom janes
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:27
J_M_, Oh
How do I try to correct my translation now?
J_M_ 03/10/2019 21:25
Yu-Ming, Heals Federal James' Lock
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:21
J_M_, Hoe Als Fea Kein Joames Locsv

Hails all King James' Love?
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:19
CATinunder16, nine six nine seven, seven! semi colon thirty four colon six question mark

My says my saven

My words,my wants, wants! Chapter 34 Phrase 6. What?
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:14
Yu-Ming, rock filled socks*
Yu-Ming 03/10/2019 21:14
THEROLEPLAYER_, It's 2904 on Pluto. Meanwhile, there are neon green, cotton candy bunnies knitting, cracking open dinosaur eggs and hitting each other with rock filled rocks.