City Street

01/25/2017 14:18
There are a lot of mistakes in this, but honestly I'm too lazy to fix anything. I hope this looks okay. I spent wayyy to much time making this...mostly because I procrastinate...
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carpetthedragon 01/25/2017 16:18
-CherryBerry- 01/25/2017 15:53
omg! i see the small mistakes but u have to look long and hard 2 see them! but this looks fantastic! u need animator immediately
passerpasser 01/25/2017 15:26
ooh a nigga cool XD
i love it
MerpaDerp 01/25/2017 15:00
Sp3ctrum, KunaWolf, ex diddly
Sanboy 01/25/2017 14:58
Sp3ctrum, Dies of laughter
KunaWolf 01/25/2017 14:58
Sp3ctrum, ex dee
Sp3ctrum 01/25/2017 14:57

(please no one take that seriously)
KunaWolf 01/25/2017 14:57
it feels like i could just fall off :')
Sanboy 01/25/2017 14:54
When you have nothing else to do and you are bored on top of a skyscraper
Sp3ctrum 01/25/2017 14:53
Pretty good, great perspective