City Street

01/25/2017 14:18
There are a lot of mistakes in this, but honestly I'm too lazy to fix anything. I hope this looks okay. I spent wayyy to much time making this...mostly because I procrastinate...
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Animator260 06/09/2021 08:12
DogoDrawer 02/16/2021 08:17
idk_what_is_that 02/16/2021 01:09
у меня ведь не у одного паника? :')
Hieronym_Jashik 01/22/2021 16:10
жалкое подобие...
Vikola 01/22/2021 16:06
Хм, а почему на мультаторе можно ставить на козырку мульты с тунатора, а на тунаторе нельзя ставить мульты с мультатора?
Vikola 01/22/2021 16:05
Ладно на самом деле слямзила отсюда
tbtbed 12/22/2020 09:32
HOLY CRAP that loooks freaking REAL!nice work
idk-anymore-_- 12/07/2020 14:05
best I've seen so far and probably will ever see
Jun-but-better 09/16/2020 08:47
vanishing point be pumping right there
the_comedy_bros 09/10/2020 08:38
the level of detail is so cool it must have taken ages