01/09/2020 17:50
Sorry, im a bit rusty, i haven't animated since l a s t y e a r
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Angel_Citty 05/12/2022 10:12
Pllatapuses 04/26/2020 13:30
maxthegreat 03/31/2020 12:23
SuruSuruWo, hey dexter dexer:dont say it dont say it dexter: i havent seen u since last year surusuruwo: *fury*
Angel_Citty 03/29/2020 22:09
lol can i yous 1
PuppyLove20 03/16/2020 10:09
moham1, srsly I think its really good just look at my toons There so baddddd
Who-Am-I-17 03/16/2020 08:15
I love your videos
RobloxianCats 02/10/2020 16:35
-__-__-__-__-__-, I read it the same
maxthegreat 01/27/2020 15:04
and dexter did
maxthegreat 01/27/2020 15:04
i did not say it
J_M_ 01/26/2020 16:36
mixjestiic, but then why won’t anything else load- My is this the only html animation I’ve seen then- as other animations from after this don’t load either- it’s weird