How was your day out, Tactless? (Reverse Parody)

11/29/2017 04:18
It's 2am and I HAD to post this- Tactless is such a baby. And Sightless is freakin annoyting. Anyways- Sorry, not sorry. Enjoy? Audio from:
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Princessunicat 08/09/2018 07:57
Amateur_Arts137 12/04/2017 17:58
Mcflurrydog06, not for try to reload page
Kalistee 12/03/2017 20:11
jojoanims 12/03/2017 20:07
end me
Mcflurrydog06 12/03/2017 14:17
it is such a shame there is a glitch in the music. its cuts off in the middle of the animation. >:( CURSE U MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShabbyCrib 12/02/2017 03:48
my ears!!
ItsDangAva 12/01/2017 18:50
im in love with his oc LOL
FNAFbonbonnet 12/01/2017 15:41
DID Not!
Zoelie 11/30/2017 10:41
love this
shadowxjade 11/30/2017 09:36
I love thos and the animation is awesome!~ ^^