Sunset SELFIES???

06/11/2022 16:09
I still need to plan this but i basically want to make a drawing of your character, and my persona, hanging out
After my summer is over, I'll upload the compilation of people so thats cool... more in the comments
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SunsetPanther 06/19/2022 03:58
Another example lol
NinjaCat908 06/17/2022 00:01
my pleasure

nooo thats my frog ribbert, you can have this one instead :)

and sounds dope :D
SunsetPanther 06/16/2022 14:46
NinjaCat908, we are friends now


expect a picture in the future >:)
NinjaCat908 06/15/2022 21:21
also have a frog
NinjaCat908 06/15/2022 21:19
i mean i got to eat croissants so thats a plus :DD

what about you, kind fellow?

(the fact that i took like a good 5 minutes writing this, unsure of what to say says a lot)
SunsetPanther 06/15/2022 13:25
NinjaCat908, it is but im only making this for my pals ;')) we need to become friends first



You just need to answer this question.....

hows your day?
NinjaCat908 06/15/2022 11:45
is this still open lmao
SunsetPanther 06/15/2022 02:38
Another example done:
SunsetPanther 06/14/2022 22:54
B1uMoonGirl, thanks ;'))
B1uMoonGirl 06/14/2022 22:41
Just saw the art!! Those look amazing!!