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02/11/2019 12:36
i love redrawing screencaps because it gives me the chance to imitate some of the techniques that artists i look up to use! this particular screenshot is from the movie kimi no na wa which is SO INCREDIBLE please watch it. here's the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/JCTW1Hx (yes, i know there are a lot of things that are different. i'm an awful artist but this is fun)
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boyseatbugs 02/24/2019 07:34
halloweencat, AAAAAAAAAAAAA thank u
halloweencat 02/23/2019 13:14
Oh my
This is really beautiful
boyseatbugs 02/11/2019 13:38
WolfHats 02/11/2019 13:23
boyseatbugs 02/11/2019 12:55
Lazarinne, ❤!!
Lazarinne 02/11/2019 12:52
AThornBush 02/11/2019 12:51
boyseatbugs, naaaah uwu
boyseatbugs 02/11/2019 12:51
AThornBush, i literally owe my life to u go ahead. take it.
AThornBush 02/11/2019 12:50
boyseatbugs, LIAR its nOt bAD
AThornBush 02/11/2019 12:49
boyseatbugs, it deserves it