Unstoppable 3

08/01/2018 15:44
-OHHH BOY! This took me 4 months to make but after 300 hours of work it's done! -First of all I know that Zaiden's mask changed like 3 times but it was too late to realise that mistake -Anyways... Episode 4 will have colored backrounds and better animation (This episode took me soo much time that you can see the improvements as the animation goes) -Thanks to @SlenderLicky and @IamNOgoodARTIST for leting me use theyr oc's in the episode -But that's it for now I'll see ya in the next episode Hope you enjoy! Watch episode 2 here-
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SwagTomato 10/25/2018 12:46
Episode 4
SwagTomato 10/25/2018 12:46
crazytalk, Episode had to be posted like a month but ot crashes when I save it
crazytalk 10/25/2018 11:47
Its cool how the headset thing changes his personality and memory and makes him fight danny.
Im excited for EP 4!
BEVERLY_HILLS 10/24/2018 09:06
wow, 4 months! amazing!
Fudgecake1234 09/05/2018 06:20
whos that pokemon poster in the backround
AnimatorOfTrash 08/27/2018 17:21
SwagTomato 08/23/2018 14:53
yeah thanks :)
Isuckatusingmous 08/23/2018 14:44
SwagTomato, hopefully, this deserves more than 100,000,000 though!
SwagTomato 08/22/2018 08:32
Can we hit 100?
Isuckatusingmous 08/22/2018 07:03
oml thisis amzing