a test for the mods

03/17/2019 10:20
lets see how quickly i can ge6t demoted, and then i might come back if i get demoted within an hour
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BendyandShaymin 03/17/2019 14:45
I went twice and they declined me
I mean.. LOOK AT THIS!

BendyandShaymin 03/17/2019 14:44
poppliotube 03/17/2019 13:21
TheOneAboveAll2, they shouldn't have! your better than me, and really good...
TheOneAboveAll2 03/17/2019 12:58
2DaruiAnimator, they declined me.
2DaruiAnimator 03/17/2019 12:41
they're back I got declined for a rank up
WolfHats 03/17/2019 11:19
poppliotube, shhh i was rejected for my rank up so i decided to test the system
poppliotube 03/17/2019 11:15
I asked for a rank up and they declined me, maybe i underthink passers
cause of AhEM facebook passers AHEM