i dont wanna stay in a SANDBOX

06/15/2019 10:27
i wanna be a passer--...
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Oku-shann 06/27/2019 18:01
yumfood, but ur animations are very very good
yumfood 06/27/2019 13:12
oh well when i compare my work to passer people i realize how much more practice i need
Oku-shann 06/16/2019 13:43
takashisenpai18, i dont have facebook,the ultimate intent is dowing my rank.
toonimator_101 06/16/2019 07:59
Me neither ;-;
takashisenpai18 06/15/2019 23:33
Oku-shann, gotta be honest. you need more practice before you become passer, more likely the moderators will reject you.

the way to because passer the cheater way is getting a facebook account.
Oku-shann 06/15/2019 11:10
where i found my send request of passer? i sumbit it.
Oku-shann 06/15/2019 11:09
Thanks! awendt_ :'33
awendt_ 06/15/2019 11:04
dw you'll get there someday :D