07/15/2019 13:45
You have to make a lizard or reptillian character drawing that would represent you, give it physycal atributes of yourself and the same personality of yours, contest ends on July 19th, First place winners will get a fully colored animation, second place will get a animation, third will get a drawing. Runner up gets a sketch. Blending is allowed. Plack and white is allowed. The Lizard character must be anthro. aka more furry like. Ps. U dont have to use the palletes in the drawing im just giovin out color ideas
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foxytrotfox 07/31/2019 00:47
here u go :3!
Wing_of_fire 07/31/2019 00:31
canadian-leaf205, Which is when do you know/
canadian-leaf205 07/31/2019 00:07
Dogfish, yeah I'm extending the deadline till I get back on my laptop
Dogfish 07/30/2019 19:04
just gotta wait until Friday also sorry for spamming >:3
Dogfish 07/30/2019 19:03
can i send one anyway?
Dogfish 07/30/2019 19:03
sure why not! oof i just realized im to late to do it
canadian-leaf205 07/19/2019 01:13
-RoadKill, ducthufug they look very cute
-RoadKill 07/18/2019 18:30 fffffi gave up halfway through but
canadian-leaf205 07/18/2019 03:20
AnnikatheLlama, they count
AnnikatheLlama 07/18/2019 02:58
do amphibians count
or should it just be really reptile