WIP 4/?

06/03/2020 12:22


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Midoriya-yeet 06/30/2020 10:28
KunaWolf, Im so slow lmao I just now got what you meant I think, I dont ship them cause that's yucky ( ̄x ̄;) but I like the dadvid stuff where hes like a father figure╭( ・ㅂ・)و
Midoriya-yeet 06/04/2020 13:35
kraftcheese, That was civil? Like there were no insults or sass I'm sorry if you felt like I was being rude but like, if you're really that upset about me not saving my stuff as a draft that you feel like have to comment you can block me lmao. I'm not trying to be rude I just really dislike people commenting things that aren't relevant and the more it happens the less tolerance I have for it.
KunaWolf 06/03/2020 22:04
i hope to fuck you arent one of Those People
KunaWolf 06/03/2020 22:04
i am. Aphraid.
kraftcheese 06/03/2020 21:52
this isn't twitter, please be civil.
Titanoturtle 06/03/2020 16:48
Midoriya-yeet 06/03/2020 14:43
Titanoturtle, Lovely I really dont care, feel free to block me tho :)
Midoriya-yeet 06/03/2020 14:43
kraftcheese, Cause I feel like posting them idk if youre really that mad block me lol
Titanoturtle 06/03/2020 12:48
I already don't like this
kraftcheese 06/03/2020 12:25
why have you posted 4 versions of your wip just save em as drafts man lol