Queen of Derp

07/22/2017 15:38
if anyone remembers when this was a thing i will be proud


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Merine 06/27/2018 15:34
die part 2
IsThatFluffo 12/31/2017 18:19
Merine, Okay x'3
Merine 12/31/2017 18:18
IsThatFluffo, I'm making an animation wait okay
IsThatFluffo 12/31/2017 18:18
Merine, CRUD! I wanted to be the first one to give you one of those -3- That was gonna be my gift lol, but I wanted to see something more recent first ^w^"
Merine 12/31/2017 18:16
OH MY GOSH!! Susimi thank you so much <3
jojoanims 11/07/2017 10:04
This is really good wowowowowow
Fluffowuffo 08/16/2017 00:36
Merine, pfffft

I'm lazy

Effort was only put in recently dowjdsjdhsifhjsdj
Merine 08/16/2017 00:33
Fluffowuffo, you got good stuff with effort put into it
i put nothing into most of my work and all i do is procrasinate
Fluffowuffo 08/16/2017 00:18
Merine, why
Merine 08/16/2017 00:11
Fluffowuffo, im surprised