11/30/2019 22:04


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kindkazoo 01/02/2020 12:30
EmotionLess, holy crap thats a good score
EmotionLess 01/02/2020 05:00

As you know, im rating your picture by style, color choice, matching the song, and preference so here we go

Style: 4/5
Color choice: 3/5
Matching song:5/5

This is a very good yes right here. mhm. yes. very good.
SOOOO, Overall very nice! i see you read how to get a bit of extra good points, with the black backround and and drawing my character.

this character was intended on representing retless' insecure phase in life.the scary red backround you drew and his very, sceptical expression just goes so wonderful together! it also goes very well with the music! so congrats to you for being awesome! very nice

Great work again, fren uwu
kindkazoo 12/01/2019 11:15
kindkazoo, When are you coming home?*
kindkazoo 11/30/2019 22:06
But I ain't coming home..