k lemme ask you a question

01/20/2018 11:29
do you think that if i keep making the animations i make now, i will hava a chance of getting into passer of should i change them? rate me on a level of 1 to 10.
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Oku-shann 04/30/2020 20:26
vangle 04/30/2020 18:53
blubeanie 01/27/2018 02:37
hm... you have a chanced, just keep practicing

make them at least 10 frames long, smooth and no coppied frames
kentashu 01/20/2018 13:14
Rushy, thanks!!
Rushy 01/20/2018 12:11
You might want to make them longer, or if they're shorter in length, then think about looping the animation.
kentashu 01/20/2018 11:38
MilkyAdoptz, thanks!
kentashu 01/20/2018 11:38
-ToxicAlleyCat--, yeah. sometimes when they are long they lose that smooth touch im looking for
kentashu 01/20/2018 11:37
MilkyAdoptz, more frames would help
MilkyAdoptz 01/20/2018 11:36
and try to make them a lil more smooth 'v'
other than that, they're gr8
MilkyAdoptz 01/20/2018 11:35
kentashu, the tail in this animation seems kinda stiff,,, try and make it move a little more, realistically