I'm not dead

08/30/2018 17:41
Y a a a y y y---- I'm fine.. There has just been problems with my hands, I lost motivation and art skills, I still don't have my art skills, this sucks.. Yeeeee.. But I'm back.. I've just been having no ideas as well.. Also.. This goes on beat with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRiG-7c9A3c&app=desktop hecc
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JayPenn 09/01/2018 20:29
Better than my animations. How do you get it soooooooo cccllleeeeaaaaannnnnnn!!!?!?!
Ohokuv 08/31/2018 13:55
I remember you :DDD
(It's Quackers and you've improved alot <333 )
I also remember collabing with you on a fight a while back so that's pretty cool :>
fishhh 08/31/2018 06:29
Wylieguy 08/30/2018 22:53
Hey, Same. Welcome back
canadian-leaf205 08/30/2018 20:20
baby_virus, no problemo!
baby_virus 08/30/2018 19:43
canadian-leaf205, thank chu :3
canadian-leaf205 08/30/2018 19:40
welcome bacl! ^^
baby_virus 08/30/2018 19:16
Internut, oh! well thank chu :3
Internut 08/30/2018 18:57
baby_virus, just because your artstyle is amazing, your animation is smooth, stuff like that
UnicornBunnies 08/30/2018 18:31