me in any sport

01/17/2019 11:05
even if there isn't any objects involved i still get hit in the head by something flying
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fliqzbi_ 06/20/2019 09:32
YFNApocolypse 05/10/2019 17:57
imtherealhine frame 3 is literal hell
YFNApocolypse 05/10/2019 17:56
in football, I can throw the ball across the field. But then... SOMEONE THROWS IT BACK. Aaaaaaaaaaand it flies past my face or hits me. I can't catch. My excuse is that the ball hates me.
LightFuryGamer 03/13/2019 06:20
Me when I walk anywhere in the vicinity of someone playing a game.
o-Furries-o 01/30/2019 17:11
SlenderLicky, omg i play soc cerrrrr !!
SomeStrangeGirl 01/21/2019 14:05
omfg same
SecretSanity1994 01/18/2019 11:09
Whenever I play football the ball ALWAYS comes for my face
SecretSanity1994 01/18/2019 11:08
Kotsuko 01/18/2019 06:23


imtherealhine 01/17/2019 23:33
why dose frame 3 look like bakugo