11/08/2018 13:57
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EARhashtagCOLLAB 11/12/2018 09:12
2TarUANIM that really sucks. sorry
2TarUANIM 11/09/2018 16:42
i was making an animation that was sure to make me a passer, but it glitched out and was lost forever. and, i was sooo close to finishing it
Serulii 11/09/2018 16:40
WolfHats 11/09/2018 15:11
really smooth transitions
Aylin_M 11/09/2018 13:09
SlenderLicky 11/09/2018 11:35
PurpleDotGalaxy, it means you leave the sandbox
EARhashtagCOLLAB 11/09/2018 07:43
B1uMoonGirl I hadn't checked this account for at least a month. I honestly didn't know I was a passer til yesterday. I can check how long though!
__Arpos__ 11/09/2018 06:32
SwagTomato 11/09/2018 02:03
PurpleDotGalaxy,no you don't..
Amorthlen 11/08/2018 22:30
Flingoro, me too! I checked gain today and it said I hadn't even sent one and that I needed to send another