06/15/2017 13:48
eating seems so difficult with skyrim physics
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Serulii 06/19/2019 17:00
accurate af
Serulii 06/19/2019 17:00
doggo12 03/17/2018 18:16
omg! i love skyrim, and love this animation 'cuz this is sooooo true
bobthedragon 06/29/2017 13:38
Sketchawolf, oh god picking up coins is so awful!!! I should make an animation of just how much of a struggle it is to pick up single coin in this game
Sketchawolf 06/29/2017 10:54
You should do one where you pick up coins on the ground but, instead pick up a mug or linen.
Sketchawolf 06/29/2017 10:53
I hate when that happens! When I do that Im too lazy to get rid of the bowl so I keep it. XD
bobthedragon 06/27/2017 16:17
BlueSniper, I honestly always just load when guards catch me bc I'm a giant weenie and I hate that they take my stolen things :,,((( I just want to own every item in the entire game why are they so mean to me
BlueSniper 06/27/2017 05:08
its funny because its true I play skyrim on my ps4 -smiles while crying- this is why I always go to jail in skyrim on accident
MiaoAnimations 06/22/2017 16:39
bobthedragon, ah well, still looks amazing! (I know I make the same mistake often X3 )
avasts 06/16/2017 22:54