oml i cant animate ;;

03/11/2018 16:51
i tried, im sorry, some of it kept glitching and i cant really tell if it is good or bad (im putting it on this account because i don't feel like switching to @fnaf-tale just to make it ;w;) i hope its good <:D but now, Shadow, you now decide on whats going to happen ! And btw if it was not clear, Aamon tricked Shadow and now shadow slammed flare into the ground >w>



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RoseFlame 03/11/2018 18:06
I just now realized how much of a cliff hanger I left this collab on forgif me
RoseFlame 03/11/2018 17:55

Dude i'm so glad I brought this back
MagicPotatStick 03/11/2018 17:43
it's too gud
zefuro 03/11/2018 17:38
NinaTheSkeleton_, ohhhhhhhh,
NinaTheSkeleton_ 03/11/2018 17:37
zefuro, i meant collabs
NinaTheSkeleton_ 03/11/2018 17:37
zefuro, .w.
zefuro 03/11/2018 17:36
NinaTheSkeleton_, nope, the longest toon has over 6k frames, but ill break that record by making 10k frmes
zefuro 03/11/2018 17:29
but... you just did
Fluffowuffo 03/11/2018 17:14
Cool!! :D
Awkward__Artist 03/11/2018 17:09