Doki Doki~<3

04/04/2019 19:13
A sensation of sweet romance tendered the air. You kouhai gazes into your eyes and his face heats up into pink adore. "S-senpai.. D-Dai suki da yo--!" The world blinds into a narrow tunnel, composed of only two boys, both dipped with a shower of rose and blush. Both give each other a passionate look, only to lock it as if time had stopped. ///// BEEP BEEP BOYS LOVE -- I tried doing something new. Don't look at me like that--I'm still straight. And man this was difficult to make up. ///// And hey guys, it's a certain Passer, Kotsuko, and I', bac--*RINGGG*--oh holy damn. *grabs backpack* Curse school.


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Toonimator_666 07/31/2019 06:04
How do u draw so good on an animation site this bad??? ;-;
Kotsuko 04/16/2019 20:38
CrystalReaper, SAGRJSIDHJV TYSMMMM //////
CrystalReaper 04/16/2019 19:53
Sorry for cursing. But this is...

Kotsuko 04/16/2019 05:13
_cuddles_ 04/15/2019 19:54
love this!!!! <3
Kotsuko 04/15/2019 17:57
WolfThatAnimates, xDDD nAWWWW BUT TYSMMMMM WOLFFFF ////><////
WolfThatAnimates 04/15/2019 17:56
Yooo :D Its so good :D
Kotsuko 04/15/2019 05:13
Amorthlen, Cover preview uwu started storyplaning already but m too lazy to get it
Kotsuko 04/15/2019 05:12
Amorthlen, SDJFIASJRG The catholic school isn't that great and isn't a boarding school, remember--full of idiots. The hallways are a mixture of cologne/perfume overdose and sweat, sneakers, and damp socks. What a life I have. And the wrinkles aren't really in tune with the original--the shoulders supposed to be more sharper and not round, but still looking like a shoulder. And I feel ya; me 24/7.

tUTORiAL eHHH welllll I started but I just kinda stopped cuz I can't really teach xDDD

FSIGJ ITS MY ISU (Individual Study Unit) SO ITS DUE DATE IS ON MAY 26TH OTHERWISE I'D DIE. digjough a preview is fine I guess? uwu Wish I was in your school tbh

Omigoodness amor we are total brothers/sisters. High five on that (although I do my work at home in like 5 minutes then go on to manga).
Amorthlen 04/14/2019 15:28
GASSSSSSSSSSP Private catholic school. :3 is it just wearing uniforms or like bording school? (im sorry i have always wanted to go to a bording school (because of harry potter :3)). But hey its awesome you use real life refrences, you have a good eye. No matter how hard i look at the way my clothes wrinkles, i cant draw it correctly.


HOW DID YOUR PROJECT GO?!?!? Did you present it yet? if not, how is it going thus far? DETAILS <3 But im sure anyhting you make will be excellent.
Yeah everyone is diligent but the competition at my school is HIGH it feels like there is a huge divide between 'gifted' kids and 'non-gifted' kids.

I feel ya. I am a master at skipping work to read mangas until like 5 minutes before the bell rings XD