01/08/2019 16:32
You can choose from three color palletes + white + black + a color of your choice. The theme for this is: Lost then Found. The due date is 1/29 (3 weeks from now). Blending is allowed. First place: Full colored drawing or animation from me + GP. Second place: Full colored drawing from me. Third place: a rough sketch of a commision.
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cindystar5780 01/08/2019 16:50
a n d w a y g a y
TW1ST3D 01/08/2019 16:49
cindystar5780, uhhh somewhat XD
I mean, i have seen him around on the internet (he is way handsome)
TW1ST3D 01/08/2019 16:48
cindystar5780 01/08/2019 16:43
GuineaPig123456 01/08/2019 16:42
TW1ST3D 01/08/2019 16:40
enzo193, YAY! i can't wait!! <3
TW1ST3D 01/08/2019 16:40
cindystar5780, oh, haha, my OC is way lamer than Wei Wuxian XD
cindystar5780 01/08/2019 16:37
damn it
i thought the person was Wei Wuxian for a second
enzo193 01/08/2019 16:34
i go do!!