12/02/2019 22:08
stop going on peoples vents (esp ones where they say they might kill themselves) and comment "same" or provoke them in any way. if u do that i hope you choke and die then come back to life then choke and die again. ONE FUCKING YEAR AGO TODAY I ATTEMPTED SUICIDE AND THE PERSON I WAS TEXTING ABOUT IT KEPT SAYING "LOL SAME" INSTEAD OF FUCKING HELPING ME. IT MADE ME FEEL FUCKING TERRIBLE. IF YOU DO THAT YOURE A PIECE OF SHIT I HOPE YOU CHOKE <3
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Sketched-hope 12/03/2019 16:16
thank you for saying this.
Newest0_0Account 12/03/2019 02:02
ugh i feel terrible because i used to say same to my friend not knowing that she wanted me to help, but i just didnt know what to do to help.. then again she does the same to me but its still no excuse i guess :/

i dont do it anymore anyway
Talia8Pie 12/03/2019 00:23
Reminds me of the time last November I told people I was going to jump off my balcony. Most people loved me and didn't want me to go, but after I chickened out and climbed back down and came back here, there were people who said they wishd I would've jumped. I have some PMs that I can use to back it up but A. I don't want to target people and B. They were right, I gave most people a huge scare especially Fluffowuffo, and a few others. Like ok I get it I'm sorry for being like this, but I was young, do you expect me to know how to do something the first time. On a side note I do have a more fool proof plan to committing suicide now as I have reserved pills and drugs that numb the senses and basically act like a discount chloroform. If anyone wants to tell me to go again sure, I feel like it and all I need is a few more reasons.
yoshihomo 12/02/2019 22:09
gafgot did that shit to me. i see people doing it to my friends fucking constantly.
its funny because its the people who most likely dont feel this way commenting this shit.
like. we fucking get it. mommy and daddy dont give you enough attention so you come on here and practically fucking beg for it. but it makes you a piece of shit! :)