03/14/2017 19:59
this is terrible but not the title ; )))
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winged_warrior 09/13/2017 18:58
Haha sorry ya"ll I was away for a while, BUT NOW I AM BACK!!!
WaffleMonster 03/16/2017 18:01
w i n g m a n
Mongler 03/15/2017 19:16
SOLARICE 03/15/2017 19:16
Mongler, No, its because Im purplemanifest the one who gave her a gift
Mongler 03/15/2017 19:14
SOLARICE winkwink people like winged
SOLARICE 03/15/2017 19:14
winged_warrior, win k winwk
SOLARICE 03/15/2017 19:14
winged_warrior, Youve been getting a lot of gifts lately huh?
MarcosAnimador 03/15/2017 16:58
Im waiting to be free xD
Mongler 03/15/2017 16:50
this needs to get taken out of gp right now its not worthy lmao
TheDerpyKitten 03/15/2017 12:06