can sombody--

04/16/2018 22:00
Make a walk cycle idk how to do them and i mean a human walk cycle
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dogpeeplol 04/16/2018 22:16
broken_anchor, your so nice to people! :3
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 22:10
broken_anchor, thank youuuuu!!!!
broken_anchor 04/16/2018 22:08
ill do it
dogpeeplol 04/16/2018 22:03
(nm, i give terrible advice, you shouldn't do it. owo')
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 22:02
dogpeeplol 04/16/2018 22:02
all you do is do a animal walk cycle and erase the other half. (i dunno if that will work but it's worth a shot right?)
takashisenpai18 04/16/2018 22:02
i can try so yee sure can i do it tomorrow?