songbird fast wingflap

06/19/2019 13:11
im sure someone out there has info about these styles of flight but Im just recording what I see
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canadian-leaf205 06/22/2019 01:21
Bob has returned
shadowworst 06/21/2019 09:55
Serulii 06/19/2019 16:57
bobthedragon 06/19/2019 13:45
probably this type of wingflap could be called "corrective wingflap" maybe?? since I think this sort of flight is with birds so light they can just fling themselves, then just adjust with tiny flaps
PeaceLion 06/19/2019 13:22
bobthedragon, ah its fine, i enjoy these bird bois vwv
bobthedragon 06/19/2019 13:20
PeaceLion, hello sorry I got anxious so I needed to make a bunch of mindless animations :|;;;
scarlettj229 06/19/2019 13:19
PeaceLion 06/19/2019 13:12
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