A battle/race collab call

07/23/2018 05:25
Idk I'm bored and I'd love to do a race/battle/story collab with some Toonator user or sth, more info in description
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Matt_Attack 07/23/2018 12:02
we did it boissssssssssssss
MagicaJaphet 07/23/2018 11:45
IAlwaysWaitMore, oh i pmed you but yeah i am comfortable with drawing anything! i used to have a warrior cat phase so i mean JFADOk

and i have some animal ocs that are pretty simple (one is literally just a blob of goo in the shape of a chubby cat)
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/23/2018 11:44
MagicaJaphet, ajkdfag so many good peeps want to battle suddenly!! I'd love to battle you but idk how comfortable you are with animal characters? (and I can't draw humans even if my life depended on it gh)
MagicaJaphet 07/23/2018 11:42
OH i didnt even notice this was from today!! adskjh;idjfhk id totally try to battle if u wanna.........
FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 11:18
would anyone like to do a fight collab? pm me.
FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 10:11
IAlwaysWaitMore, eh, pm me if you'd at least try ;-;
FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 10:07
No, I'm just not good enough. I'd try.. but I feel like I'd just be wasting your time. ;-; I honestly would try, my hardest.. but idk if you'd even care. ;m;
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/23/2018 09:31
-SherlockHolmes-, Nah, people weren’t just brave enough to outright say they wish to battle-..
Flare-Aamon and _Disaster_ shot me a message though so I’m looking forward to ‘fighting’ them!
-SherlockHolmes- 07/23/2018 08:02
No one is good enough to colab with you.
Daytrix 07/23/2018 07:56
i would but im not good enough lol