A battle/race collab call

07/23/2018 05:25
Idk I'm bored and I'd love to do a race/battle/story collab with some Toonator user or sth, more info in description
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FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 13:11
I'm gonna end up fighting myself ;-;
croc471 07/23/2018 13:09
me ether
Igor2077 07/23/2018 13:07
IAlwaysWaitMore, Ok, I won't get into your battle.
Although I would like to collab practice something similar (3D total animation with backgrounds and a free camera moving)
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/23/2018 12:48
Igor2077, Oh that was a really interesting thing to watch, Multator comes up with a lot of creative ideas!

But unfortunately three people already messaged me asking to battle and I think it would turn really stressful if I accepted more-..

However when I finish a few you all can definitely continue! :D
FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 12:45
Igor2077, -_- I would.. idk if anyone good enough will..
Igor2077 07/23/2018 12:44
IAlwaysWaitMore, so, can anyone continue this challenge?
Igor2077 07/23/2018 12:32
Sounds like a good idea)
I remember that we arranged this for Multator:
izzyrocks 07/23/2018 12:17
izzyrocks 07/23/2018 12:16
FG_FatalHydra 07/23/2018 12:08
Goliath Online. Anyone wish to fight?