11/06/2018 01:16
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whattodo 11/19/2018 10:45
the heck how
ur so talented!
budgerigar921 11/18/2018 01:01
tigerblink, oh and CAN UNBLOCK ME
aliceangel22567 11/17/2018 22:25
tigerblink 11/17/2018 03:37
budgerigar921, yea duh
budgerigar921 11/09/2018 03:15
uh is it meant to be not flowing
Seacorals 11/08/2018 03:08
this is real nice :) though i feel like the smear frames last a tad too long! i can tell this was probably animated on twos, but for the turning part maybe ones would be smoother :D
Serulii 11/06/2018 19:59
gorgeous animation!! you expressed so much in so few frames omg and the timing is perf~
takashisenpai18 11/06/2018 15:18
i love it
SlenderLicky 11/06/2018 15:16
EndlessStyless, no mencion it .
sushiboi 11/06/2018 13:58
this is so good omg