Hip hip hoorah

11/08/2018 16:50
My birthday is Saturday, gonna be old as bitch boy @flash5 . Time for bills and college
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PiperTheArtsyFox 11/12/2018 16:13
BDAY GIFT (yes it very late but still)
MlXJ3STlC 11/11/2018 04:30
_Disaster_ 11/10/2018 23:21
lonelycousin, <3 <3 <3
lonelycousin 11/10/2018 22:32
_Disaster_, Sobs this was so cute and sweet ;; Tysm and ily! You mean a lot to me
_Disaster_ 11/10/2018 22:31
_Disaster_, ways* English amirite?
_Disaster_ 11/10/2018 22:31
hello big cutie. so first off, i love you so much, you are a huge inspiration to me and not just artistically. and second pfffttttt old pfffttt not old, wise uwu now you gotta take us children(me) under your lovable little wings and teach us the was of god like drawing and animation. but fr, happy birthday max <3
lonelycousin 11/10/2018 22:01
lonelycousin 11/10/2018 20:21
Viqurr, sadason, Tysm!
sadason 11/10/2018 20:20
happy birthday
Viqurr 11/10/2018 18:40
happy birthday uwu <3