Spotty boy

11/10/2018 14:30
JUST SHOWING OFF MY NEW SPOTTY BOY, Still thinking of a name for him, maybe like Alabaster or Axis, I dunno, if anyone has any name suggestions comment them


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fluffyunipugs335 11/10/2018 16:31
MeiGoat, i understand :)
MeiGoat 11/10/2018 16:28
Kotsuko, Sob I actually have an OC named Rio already"" Two twin boys Rio and Dio
Kotsuko 11/10/2018 16:27
MeiGoat 11/10/2018 16:25
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I, Popo that's so cute, I'm conflicted now
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 11/10/2018 16:24
MeiGoat, oog thanls and for short his nickname can be Popo
MeiGoat 11/10/2018 16:24
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I, Oooh that's a neat name
MeiGoat 11/10/2018 16:24
Kotsuko 11/10/2018 16:23
Copy_And_Paste 11/10/2018 15:54
it cute!!!!!!!!
canadian-leaf205 11/10/2018 15:47
eee soo cute