Part 2

11/09/2017 19:05
I did remember Axus has like Blood bending powers?
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SuruSuruWo 11/10/2017 13:20
that ending thoo

he need sum milk
shadowworst 11/10/2017 09:20
Vonixxy 11/10/2017 05:18
I Want More! >:3 Work Your Hands Till They Are DUST!
WaterInTheRiver 11/09/2017 21:13
this is so good jkhkg
Potato_ShitPost 11/09/2017 20:35
thats some good pizza rolls.
Sp3ctrum 11/09/2017 19:27
ScarfKanye, Understandable :D
Great job though man, seriously mean it, Love the perspective and the delayed motions to make everything a bit more fluid and for the impact to be more intense, love ittttttttttt
ScarfKanye 11/09/2017 19:26
Sp3ctrum, Yeah i know i started to feel Lazy during the explosion though
Sp3ctrum 11/09/2017 19:25
ScarfKanye, Oh and also, the movement and fluidity is nice, the explosion seems underwhelming though, needs a bit more impact, you feel me?
ScarfKanye 11/09/2017 19:24
Sp3ctrum, You're not wrong there my friend..
Sp3ctrum 11/09/2017 19:24
ScarfKanye, More like the Bronze Age really.