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Atomschutzbunker, 17 frames

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Atomschutzbunker: @Mikaylathefox, You're breathtaking!
Mikaylathefox: @Atomschutzbunker, you deserve it!! :)
animaitionate: fight me
animaitionate: this is now the new rick roll
animaitionate: cyanide mudda ficker mwhaha
Cashew_Studios: @Rushy, :)
Podophobia: @Cashew_Studios, Ah, Dick Diordun my favorite auth...
Cashew_Studios: @Cashew_Studios, ( only true fans will know when i...
Cashew_Studios: *Thinks of the famous Rick Riordan series when I s...
Atomschutzbunker: @Mikaylathefox, thanks for the medal!