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Toonator wishes you a Merry Christmas!

As you know, we're creating a new animation editor to keep Toonator working in 2020. The editor is still in progress but we don't want to leave you without any Christmas gifts.

So meet the first ever official contest on Toonator!

All that you need to participate is your imagination and festive spirit!

Please concentrate on the movement and story, not just a drawing of Christmas tree, gifts, and Santa. Create your own fairy tale and express it into the animation.


Contest starts at December 24 and lasts until late December 31 (11:59pm PST). Please note - you have a week to make your awesome toon, so feel free to use your drafts.

One participant can apply only one toon. (To apply click "More ..." at your toon's page and then "Send to contest")

Winners will be selected by user voting that will start at January 1 and lasts until January 7. Voting from different accounts for own toon is prohibited, voting from multiple accounts by same person for any toon also prohibited. Violators could be banned.

Winners will get Christmas badges (insignia) and a lot of spooders, but even if you didn't win you will get a bit of spooders anyway!

Congratulations to winners!

So the first official contest has ended. We very hope that the following contests will attract even more participants with even more excellent works. Now meet the winners!

Third place goes to B1uMoonGirl and clou-!

please accept my entry
B1uMoonGirl, 22 frames
clou-, 50 frames

Second place goes to relationships, mixjestiic, and TarynStar!

❄Merry Christmas!❄
relationships, 13 frames
winter rabbit
TarynStar, 150 frames

And finally FIRST PLACE!
SketchZi and Serulii!

SketchZi, 147 frames
LET IT SNOW! (unfinished!)
Serulii, 520 frames

SketchZi and Serulii get 10000 spooders, relationships, mixjestiic, and TarynStar – 5000 spooders, B1uMoonGirl and clou- – 3000 spooders for their win. And any other participant will get 500 spooders just for participation.

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crabappels 02/17/2021 13:12
oh my bad
Epicxz 02/17/2021 08:20
crabappels, its adobe flash you have to blame because its not their fault it discontinued but you can blame toonator too in some way
crabappels 02/17/2021 08:14
an you please um let me animate i cant and i wanna animate s-stuff
pumpupthejaaaaam 01/12/2021 05:40
мультатор рип 2010-2021
crabappels 01/11/2021 07:47
weres the multator
BEVERLY_HILLS 12/21/2020 14:05
tbtbed, you can, go on multator and hit the button on the side
tbtbed 12/21/2020 11:42
u cant even ad sound to ur animations!
0scarmm9 11/21/2020 04:19
I don't know if this is really an animation.
vangle 08/03/2020 22:22
ChillingPastelle, duh estupida
--Rufina-- 07/24/2020 21:49
Toonator, а будут проводится еще такие конкурсы? (≧▽≦)


Merry Christmas

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