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nice job!
@Onetoomany, ;)
@Mystyck, hi
@Harze, @narwhale220, @Little_Fang, @fake-pianist, Thank you all!
@GalaxyRomi, Tys!
@Mystyck, thanks!
@FakeJulia, noticed!
ho W dare You smo ke the de vil 's LetTuc e!!!
woa congrats!
@tatato, consider yourself noticed
@FuntimeFreddy812, next to the box where you draw it'll say change to pallette
Woa!! very useful!
Everyone needs constructive criticism in order for them to improve, nobody is perfect. What you don't need is destructive criticism, like insults.
@WeNeedAnimation, i got intuos art
@WeNeedAnimation, it's mint colored ovo