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@JordanCheyenne10, (( tyyy
@imcrusty, @Kawaii_Kat07, @zefuro_doodle, @honeybear, (( thank you and
@Flare_Aamon, (( WOW MEDAL WOW THANK YOU TOO SO MUCH (^owo^)
@Yuki142080, @RottenEclipse, @Amerooooo, @nyanstar_260, ((thank you??? Ok wow
@RynboRazMaTaz, (( Well, my name is a homestuck troll (^ ° w °^)
(( oh wait wrong account dammit
@Projectcomment, firstly its mituna, sollux's dancestor
and apparently me (the actual person) im a mage of blood
@2yearOld, (( tyyy :3
(( I'm going to have a hard time trying to beat that :D
@winterleopard, (^pwq^)/
(( ok lets try something on this account
@winterleopard, (^-3-^)> @hellocat, (^òAó^)/ < 何?????????
@Flare-Aamon, (( Sleep Deprivation can be bad if done very often, but once in a while, it's ok to stay up to 3am or something
@InfinitySquirrel, (( the new adoptable i have on my other account
(( Yep but if you pass out or feel sleepy, please sleep :D
((Woah how Fluff you're so good at making things fluent