Doolagun (Sprit-Portals)

01/11/2018 18:30
However, when the first re-model was being build before testing can be started, human characteristics where being implemented within it's interal system just because it needs a voice to be active. Therefore, the re-model apparently had artificial emotions thus making the model have mixed emotions and had a mindset of an average person who wants respect. The developers of the re-model shipped it to another department within the developer building for testing. As the people , who were shipping him manually, gossiped behind the re-model, at times, about what his main purpose was, it broken free from bondage, (He was in a hand truck. Research it if you don't have a general idea.) and jumped out of a nearby window falling 2 stories below.
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Sanboy 01/11/2018 18:44
*very complex to describe at first whence stated as "mixed emotions" for personality traits.
Sanboy 01/11/2018 18:43
The re-model was reported on local authorities and rumors have been spread about the event ever since its occurrence.

Doolagun habitual behaviors, yet again as stated from his history, is very complex to describe. There can be times when he absolutely go ruthless from vague reasons to no reasons. There's also times when he can be very depressed that he literally and effortlessly creates a "sprit-being" that represents his current emotion. Doolagun, also, can change colors along with the "sprit-being" he creates (depending on what ever emotion that he has is dominant). His neutral state always remains blue (Although, in the illustration he is depressed) and he cannot summon his "sprit being from there.