12/31/2017 14:08
i always have the fear of someone seeing me draw and recodnizing my style and yell out my name irl :')
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Lucarionite 12/31/2017 17:03
oof noice
RANDOMGIRL4 12/31/2017 17:01
Random thing: Irl, my art style looks just like the YouTuber MystiX. But here it looks realistic(Kinda) :/
Lucarionite 12/31/2017 15:22
i would actually be shocked for a sec if someone yells my name

then ill be like 'OH HI' and everything else owo
Ecliclse 12/31/2017 15:03
JK, why would i do that to someone who has fears of it
Ecliclse 12/31/2017 15:03
*laughs evilly* oh i might do that...