I'm Warning You, Kiddo. (Swaptale Sketch)

04/02/2017 21:14
Lol. Just a little sketch of how I imagine Swap!Pap not murdering Frisk for what they did in another timeline. Haha. I hope you like it.
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AsrielDremmur17 04/03/2017 16:50
So cool
Terrible_Fate 04/03/2017 01:35
AelanDraw, HHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh- I have yet to be educated... *dies*
AelanDraw 04/03/2017 00:35
UnderSwap and SwapTale is Different..
in SwapTale Papyrus is King/Asgore
in UnderSwap Papyrus is like sans
Dodobroking11 04/03/2017 00:06
HunnyB 04/02/2017 22:18
Terrible_Fate 04/02/2017 21:34
Glitchtale, I think I'll be laying off requests for a while, but I haven't forgotten your one ship request. So I'll be doing that a little later, okay? OwO
Glitchtale 04/02/2017 21:33
Terrible_Fate, np and can you draw me something (if you are up to requests)?
Terrible_Fate 04/02/2017 21:31
Oh... Well shit... I saw a lot of art with Frisk as a main, so sorry. I was mistaken. Thanks for catching my mistake. XD
Glitchtale 04/02/2017 21:30
btw chara in swaptae is frisk and frisk is the genocide so
Terrible_Fate 04/02/2017 21:19
JillAndJack, Thanks! I only noticed I had animator last night, so I have NO idea when I got it. But yeah, thanks! XD