Spawning a demogorgon

08/09/2018 20:07
Thanks @NatCatArtist18 and @Offel for involuntarly giving me an animation idea!
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DaleksOfSkaro 08/22/2018 09:36
pixelchan, plus if we bought spoods we would have colored names, and a dif rank. ;-; i wish i had a lime green name ;-; i wanted to buy some, but its excessively difficult
pixelchan 08/20/2018 16:20
Offel, O-O h-how is- woah. spooders are in mu account. Whut- thank you. so much. AH. How- how did you transfer sppoders into my account?>!>
Offel 08/12/2018 19:51
YAY! TOTD :D! More for you spooders cause of your good art and the idea.
Anx_the_Freak 08/11/2018 15:48
xEternalAutumnx, Exactly.
xEternalAutumnx 08/11/2018 15:40
Anx_the_Freak 08/11/2018 15:21
That´s hot.
pixelchan 08/11/2018 09:34
xEternalAutumnx, practice makes perfect
xEternalAutumnx 08/10/2018 22:06
Man...I wish I had this kinda talent..GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY MAN! :D <3
DawnShadow 08/10/2018 19:30
thank you
MsHudson 08/10/2018 19:11
TheRealAaronBurr, no he's cuddly. i'll give it a hug.