Hot Chocolate

03/21/2018 11:55
aaaa this probably stretched out for a couple of weeks (which are mostly procrastination) and it seemed like forever to make, first with a trackpad until i got a new tablet stylus uwu----original by AmeraXi
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AnnikatheLlama 05/24/2018 21:41
how the heck did this get 121 likes in a couple of months
AnnikatheLlama 05/15/2018 06:31
SwagTomato, probably might be one of my errors than a glitch, but thanks! uwu
SwagTomato 05/15/2018 05:32
But is great!
SwagTomato 05/15/2018 05:32
Too bad it glitched..
AnnikatheLlama 05/09/2018 02:17
also, sorry if i'm late but
tysm anchor why haven't i said this until now
21robax 04/29/2018 16:05
Bendy2000, get HELP
AnnikatheLlama 04/20/2018 21:24
Bendy2000, waIT WH A-
Bendy2000 04/20/2018 17:05
AnnikatheLlama 04/18/2018 18:04
_RELAX_ , что вы имеете в виду?
ItsToonaToon, ButterCat, yes tysm
_RELAX_ 04/18/2018 15:53
Воу воу полегче, а то погорячился B-)