im still very proud of this animation

08/16/2017 22:07
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LordWoomy 08/16/2017 22:14
Thunder_Artist, i only used the regular pen tool :p
medibang and firealpaca are very similar but the two main things that split them for me is that medibang has a lot of brushes, but firealpaca has a high correction limit (i turn that on for smoother lines)
Thunder_Artist 08/16/2017 22:12
LordWoomy, i would say medibang paint pro, i use FireAlpaca all the time and i dont know any brushes that would result in your animation
LordWoomy 08/16/2017 22:11
davvy, ngyes
davvy 08/16/2017 22:11
LordWoomy, ok thanks! (ive only just joined te splatoon fandom and now i finally get what your username is XD)
LordWoomy 08/16/2017 22:10
davvy, for that i either used firealpaca or medibang paint pro (i forgot which) for the art and tweened it with adobe after effects
davvy 08/16/2017 22:09
what did u use to make it! :0