~2018 REDRAW!!~

01/12/2018 21:33
You may continue and add in your character, but you CANNOT press "z" to be rid of the person; you MUST erase. It is alright if you erase some of the tail in order to do so. uwu Also eyyy, new Petko! >:3 Notice anything different?
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Fluffowuffo 01/16/2018 08:08
AnnikatheLlama, He lives in a specific tribe, but yes
AnnikatheLlama 01/16/2018 03:47
Fluffowuffo, woah cool, there's a tribe of his species? that's amazing! uwu
tom007 01/14/2018 21:50
Fluffowuffo 01/14/2018 20:23
Ah shoot, forgot his pupils :P Oh well *shrugs*
0-09- 01/14/2018 16:29
The1 01/14/2018 16:19
Fluffowuffo 01/14/2018 16:12
fluffyunipugs335, I'll see if I can draw him like that sometime, but there's this animation I wanna go ahead and get done, first.
fluffyunipugs335 01/14/2018 15:57
The1 01/14/2018 15:43
Fluffowuffo 01/14/2018 14:39
The1, Because I'm random with my drawing process agjiojgotjij So you cannot press z to get rid of the thing because then it'll get rid of some parts of Petko...