perspective practice thingy

01/09/2018 14:15
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takashi-senpai18 01/09/2018 16:34
_br0ken 01/09/2018 16:21
well i'm at school right now and the shit is stressful i don't even know why i am on here
takashi-senpai18 01/09/2018 15:58
by the worm, nice animation the fall is almost like it would be in real life
takashi-senpai18 01/09/2018 15:56
when i say nuke i meant that the shape is like a nuke so i guess its a nuke
takashi-senpai18 01/09/2018 15:56
the shape of the bomb is a nuke
you should continue it make it really dramatic
_br0ken 01/09/2018 15:50
thanks ppl
Lucarionite 01/09/2018 15:49
dabber66 01/09/2018 15:44