Phil the Philosopher (3) Free Will

02/24/2018 20:41
Essentially, what this is asking is does the assortment of our atoms determine our will.
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Wylieguy 03/14/2018 13:03
Thanks TheRandomAnimate , I tried to make it so.
TheRandomAnimate 03/14/2018 11:01
That's very thought-provoking.
zefuro 03/12/2018 18:54
6SinsOfTheGhost 03/11/2018 17:30
zefuro, i Agree :>
zefuro 03/02/2018 09:53
its not exactly about particles and atoms, its about how they are arranged, now our brain stores information in forms of pattern, depending on that info, the multiple perspective of your self that contains information in different parts of your brain,decides what you really wish for, its like a conference/meeting that takes place in your brain. but that bring another question. if there are multiple parts of your brain that could process differently from one another, then which part of it is the real you?
ThatMagicPotat 02/25/2018 01:26
it is the will to survive and adapt to our surroundings but as we evolved our surroundings changed and more things had to be considered and etc lol i dunno i help
ThatMagicPotat 02/25/2018 01:24
ah we are god duh
Wylieguy 02/24/2018 21:28
So are you both saying that whatever event arises in one's life, it can change the brain's will and action? SWAGHOLDUP + _Excalibur
SWAGHOLDUP 02/24/2018 21:02
I would have to partially agree with _Excalibur but other people could see it as everything that you do is programmed so if you think of it that way (which i dont) no free will is not possible
Wylieguy 02/24/2018 20:57
Who knows? Not me.